Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? After high school, students should have at least one year to work or travel. It's better than attending university straight away.

In the last century, education and training have played a significant role in modern people’s lives by conveying knowledge of one rea to the other. They are necessary for improving life, professions, and so on because society has always been becoming more sophisticated recently. Therefore, most people spend a lot of time in universities and schools expanding their knowledge. With that being said, some people may believe that students should start university without any gap after high school; However, in my opinion, they must experience some work before attending university. In what follows, I will elaborate on my viewpoint by providing specific reasons and examples. First and foremost, entrance to university and academic environment is a crucial stage for every individual because of its main effect on the personal and professional future life. In fact, most people choose their major during this time which will help them get a suitable position. To put it differently, understanding ability, skills, interests, and personality is the first step toward choosing a career. When students take on a job after high school, they can gain work experience and understand their abilities and interests. The results of a recent study conducted in my country indicate that more than half of humans who took on a career after school have a successful professional life and a fulfilling personal life after graduating. In contrast, people who attend university without any gap should gain work experience and work as trainees after graduating until they understand their ability to get a proper job. As a result of that, getting a job after school could be useful to have a prosperous life and lucrative vocation. Furthermore, each university usually has a tuition fee, and having a job after high school could be a way to pay for part of this. Indeed, students at the end of middle school could participate in a part-time job and earn some money required for university enrollment. In addition, they could use financial aid and scholarship after admission to pay another part of tuition. Take my personal experience as a compelling example. A couple of years ago, when I was at the end of high school, I decided to go to an oversea university with a high tuition fee system. Still, it was a popular and prestigious university. So, I decided to find a job with a fair salary. After just a few months, I could earn money and enroll in the university, which boosted my satisfaction and happiness. had I not worked in the gap between schools and university, I would not have attended the popular university. In conclusion, not only could working in a gap between school and university gain experience and understanding their ability to have a better vocation, but also it would provide some money to pay university enrollment tuition fees. It is highly recommended that the students involve themselves in a job for at least one year before attending university.
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