Do you agree or disagree: young people should try many different kinds of jobs or career before they decide the long term career of their life.

In the last century, occupations and jobs have played a significant role in modern people’s lives by performing required duties worldwide. These are necessary for improving life, profession, and so on because society has always been becoming more sophisticated lately. So, most people spend a lot of time in workplaces earning money, expanding their personal and professional social life. Whit that being said, some people believe that young people should take on a long term job without any experience in other jobs; however, in my opinion, they must try several careers before taking a long term position. In what follows, I will elaborate on my viewpoint by providing specific reasons and examples. First and foremost, new graduates could gain various kinds of experience by choosing several careers that help them find an excellent position. In fact, the more young people take various jobs, the more they gain new experiences in different areas. It causes them to understand which kind of career they are interested in. when people are interested in a position, do it in the best way and succeed. Take my personal experience as a compelling example. When I graduated from university, I found a part-time job in a construction company as a trainee for six months. After that, I got another position in a well-known construction company as a civil engineer, but I resigned after three months. I took on several careers. Consequently, I found a marketing position in which I was interested. After years, It is the best vocation and most lucrative job for me, and I enjoy it. Had I not participated in many different kinds of jobs, I would not have gotten this position which I am interested in a lot. Furthermore, having various careers leads to finding new colleagues and friends, making people happy in their lives. As a matter of fact, Human beings innately are social and cooperative species. If people experience several jobs, they could find new friends and make friendships in each position, affecting their quality of life. The results of a recent study conducted in my country on friendship and quality of life indicate that more than half of people who have many friends in various areas are much happier and much more satisfied. Because having a strong network of support or strong community bonds fosters both emotional and physical health, it is an essential component of adult life. Also, they spend quality time with their friends on weekends, making them pleased. In contrast, people with limited relationships are depressed and disappointed because they feel alone in critical situations in their lives. As a result, new professions and new friendships are crucial in people’s lives because of avoiding depression and making a joyful living. In conclusion, Not only could trying many different kinds of careers help people get an excellent job in which they are interested, but also it causes making more friendships in each position and enhances the quality of life. I strongly suggest that new grads examine many different kinds of jobs getting suitable vocation.
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