People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment and do not have enough time on more serious duties

The world has changed remarkably and now we live in a society where time is one of the most prominent things.Every morning it is our duty to wake up and go to work.This means that there is no time for personal enjoyment because people spend the greatest part of their time to earn aggregate money.Although there are people who will persuade the opposite but I strongly believe that nowadays people more think about their serious duties more.There are two reasons which I will explain in the following essay. First and foremost most of the people have to spend expend most of their time in the workplace as they have a lot of responsibilities and expenses.Commodity prices of goods rise in the markets every day and sometimes people work in two places in order to get everything. In my country people’s standard of living is gradually decreasing which means that people’s expenses exceed their income. That’s why people are seeking to find their second full time job even in night shifts in order to meet their daily requirements. Besides their own expenses a lot of people have families which means that their expenses increases as they are obliged to provide a good life for their children and definitely in these conditions they do not have time to spend their own personal enjoyments.My personal story completes this reason.I see my father only fifteen days in a month because of his overloaded working schedule. other days he spends his time on working.Thanks to him we have everything we want and can enjoy our young years greatly but from this I conclude one thing that he does not spend enough time for his personal enjoyments. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that people always complain about time which sometimes causes stress and anxiety.Nowadays people use their time rationally and do not utilize it meaningless as they have fear of not getting everything in time.Even if they have time, they do not spend it for their hobbies or personal enjoyments instead they prefer to other that time is spend t efficiently such as improving their skills and do self-development in order to survive in the competitive market and in the work in order to increase their salaries. get a high salary .My aunt’s robe completes this theory.She graduated her university excellently.She is a programmer and have a good job but she wants to achieve more.Every time when I visit her, I see she her always working on something and every day thanks to because of herthis character she becomes more proficient. In conclusion, nowadays people spend their time on serious things as they are full of duties and want to have everything they want.
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