Grades encourage student to work harder in school

School has a significant role in our education.It is critically important to work as hard as possible in school.Teachers also do their best to encourage students to learn and one of the best ways is grading grades.Although this query also faced a lot of negative deliberation but I strongly believe that it has a positive quality and can assist student to study. First and foremost, grades promote students to work hard.When a student knows that his work will be estimated he will spend more time toiling for his assignment and will therefore absorb more information.This feature will assist us to become better in education.My own experience as a student will complete this example.I wrote my historical assignment and knew that it was estimated.I extracted all necessary information from books and the internet and got astounding results, but definitely I obtained a lot of knowledges which fostered me to achieve my goals another competitions.I am sure that students from all over the world are today motivated to work hard by the chance to acquire high grades and automatically grades encourage them to be more informative. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that grades determine each group of people are intelligent. Students are rated by a systematic way which demonstrates who which student is the brightest.If a student knows that he is the best in a class, he will put all his eagerness to sustain his position.I have a classmate whose exertion is obvious evidence of what I said.He is considered the brightest student in school and every day his grades prove that.Besides that, his grades make other students to be jealous of him in a good way and do their best to reach his position and this competitive atmosphere is ended having a lot of judicious student. To recapitulate, grades assist us to obtain a lot of knowledge which can be useful throughout our lives.
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