Leaders like Kennedy, Martin Luther King have made important contributions for people of United States Name another world leader you think he is important

The leader is the one who is trusted, not the one who rules.During the worldwide history, we witnessed how a lot of World leaders had their contribution for changing the lives of many people.I know the leader whose determination caused a grand revolution.That leader was the sixteenth president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. First and foremost, he was the first leader who brought forward Democracy.The short explanation of this word will be, power by the people, for the people.First it gives people freedom of speech which means that they can say their notions about a given question without fear from the government.This demonstrates that there is a regard and equality between them.That’s why many states accepted this concept, especially Europe.In democratic countries people live without criterias.They lead their lives how them suit and do not insult others for dissent.Although Abraham Lincoln does not exist now but his created notion is considered one of the basic key having advanced advancement country. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that he was a great humanist.Although he signed the prohibition of slavery after becoming president but he has always fought against it.Even he had arguments with his uncle as he did not give freedom to his slaves.Lincoln put his all eagerness on this project.He organized demonstrations of disobedience for many slaves who had opportunity to achieve their freedom.He believed that it was not matter you have what kind of skin, the most prominent was that you were a human too.Black people always remember him as because of him they have chance to live as normal people. In conclusion, Abraham Lincoln will be remembered as a leader who took care of all his people and did his best to evolve his country.
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