Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In twenty years there will be fewer cars use than there are today

It is a very significant point that our life is dependent on transportation and car. Personally, I believe that cars play a substantial act in human’s daily activities and if there hadn’t been cars our lives could be completely different. Moreover, our mechanism life will influence our future and the increasing of cars. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explain in the following essay. To begin with, the population of this world is increasing, and based on statistical research on mortality, researchers figure out that every 10 _to 15 seconds one human born gradually cities need more and optimize the transportation system especially public transportation If the government couldn’t respond this circumstance people will go toward personal car moreover this problem happens in developing countries so the number of cars will be increased. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this. A few years ago in the period of my university, I had been using the bus to go to university but after approximately two years the city became more crowded and public transportation couldn’t answer this high society and buses were always full of people so I didn’t have any choice to not buy a car. Consequently, the administration has to answer the enhancement of human and their requirement for the transportation if they neglect this situation the rate of the car usage will be increased in the future in addition it will have a negative effect on the environment and nature Furthermore, bypassing of time our relying on cars and mechanized life growth moreover we use cars for even short distance. People dose not prefer to use bicycles or walk to reach their aim besides we see in the streets that in one car there is just one person which is the driver it means that for every individual there is one machine therefore after a few years the streets will be full of the car especially by considering population growth. For instance, two weeks ago my 18 years old cousin came to our house, their house's alley is in front of our alley so there is not much distance between our buildings if he wants to come by walk it will last approximately 5 minutes but my cousin decided to come by car and also we have to remember that he is only 18 years old that bring his license this month although it wasn’t necessary to drive a car for 5 minutes distance. Based on this experience, we understand that people are going to forget their previous life which there weren’t too many cars and also bypassing time they are relying on cars more and more and that’s not satisfying news. In conclusion, I strongly believe that there are a lot of cars more than normal and definitely it will be raised in the future this is because the population is growing and depending on mechanized life.
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