Some students attend college or university in their home country, whereas other choose to study overseas. Which option do you think is preferable and why? Please include specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

The amount value of educating is dependent on people’s aims and life styles. Some people belive that being an expert or profassional in one field of study will determine individual’s social position in communities. Due to the this approach, some students prefer to continiue their education in abroad and some of them, on the other hand, rather schooling in their own home country. Personally, I am an advocate of studying in a foreign country because of reasons. This essay aims to explore the reasons for holding this opinion. First, experiencing other academic methods is of vital importance for those who prefer to be an specialist in their job. Each education system has its own manners to tranfer knowledeges and information to students according to the purposes of the society in which the system exsits. For instance, If we consider an study field like law to compare, we will see a lesson has been instructed from an specific approach in Islamic countries,by contrast, it has been teached from a different approach in European contries. In fact, being aware about all aspects of a subjects, having the apportunity of acquaintance with diverse opinions and getting into a new instruct’s technique are the reasons for which people tend to experience how study in overseas is. Second, education in another country other than your own has some essential requirments that acquiring them will effect on whole your life. It is necessary to earn the ability of conforming with other cultures beside learning the new language. Furthermore, having the capacity of facing to difficulties of living far from the family guarantees individual’s success in studying in foreign countries. This means that person who prioritzes colleges or universities at overseas over home country’s one will acquire variety great achievement in this way. Third, those who choose to leave their country for accessing their goals, would have more validity in their fatherland. These people are more recpectable from the others’ point of view since they tolerated hard sitiuations for turning to a profassional person and be a useful workforce for their society. It does not mean that people who studied in their country are not benefical or effective; however, they will have been known as experts too. But it seems that overseas’ graduates have more confronted with science and are wiser than others. In conclusion, I prefer to have the opportunity of study in other countries. Not only can I assesment my self confronting with new challenges and other education systems, but I also would become a more knowledgeable and honerable person and I would make my family and society proud.
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