Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Homework plays an essential role in education Use reasons and details to support your opinion.

Certain individuals may assert that it is not a must to have homework, because it will double the stress level in students’ lives, despite acknowledging the validity of this claim, I still hold the view that daily homework is prerequisite, since it helps learners to understand target material more deeply, homeworks are good way to become an responsible person, as well as contributes to their holistic development. The first reason which compels me to favor this idea is related to the fact that in the school, classes are usually short and there is no time to practice, and at the same time become familiar with the new topic. The majority of teachers prefer to introduce new material and give home tasks to improve practical skills. In other words, students will be able to understand the meaning of the topic in school, and at home they will concentrate on the material, and, consequently, internalize the target information easily, as well as ensure good grades and outstanding academic performance. Another point to substantiate my view is that additional tasks make students much more responsible. If they know they have homework, they will, undoubtedly, manage their time effectively to make balance between their social and academic lives. Consequently, they will have a planned study schedule, which will help them to become more organized, and an organized person has become a prerequisite in today’s globalized world. On the other hand, if they rely on their mood and waste all their time in entertainment places, they will not be able to work with a fixed study schedule during the day, and probably, will lose the chance to stand a better offer of employment. A final argument to reinforce my position is that hometasks are the guarantee for individuals’ overall development. In fact, the majority of students do their hometasks with their gadgets and it is a better way to expand their knowledge about a variety of topics which are related to the material. Moreover, they could develop their research skills, which is considered an important quality nowadays. A vivid example to illustrate my point is my elder sister’s case: her teacher gave a task about our country's flora and fauna. After finishing the task, she decided to read about specific marine animals which she had never seen in her country. In conclusion, it is my firm belief that homtask is important in students' daily routine, since students will be able to analyze information afterwards and clarify misunderstandings. Also, homework keeps students' plans in a form to become much more responsible, as well as enlarge their knowledge about a diversity of topics.
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