Gender equality means providing equal oppotunities to both men and women in political, economic, education, and health aspects. How can schools support gender equality goals?

Problems caused by gender inequality should be put into consideration even more, especially in the educational sector. But sadly, it is found to be normalized in schools. Stereotypical thoughts are often to be the causes of these problems, whereas people often assume girls to be smarter than boys, and boys to be more messy and untidy than girls. It is concerning how this isn’t an important issue to be aware of. Schools have ages from elementary to senior high. Every students has different perspectives, education level, and the awareness of this issue. Some might think it is alright, and some might think it needs more attention, either because they are vulnerable, or has a golden heart towards vulnerable people. It all depends on how one think. In the end, it is a problem, and actions needs to be taken. A problem caused by gender inequality could be bullying, where one gender does not feel the deserved treatment as the opposite gender. Generally, women are known to be weaker and less contributing than men. To overcome this issue - specially in the school are - both genders should be aware of the situation. Empowering women is an effective way to help women feel motivated and appreciated for what they have accomplished. Giving cards, quotes, performances, and activities for women can help them grow strong bonds together. And for men, they should analyze their surroundings and ensure that women are treated right. They can also create ways for women to participate in their activities, so that they won’t feel excluded. If we come together, we can reduce inequality, increase equality, create strong relationships, and to help achieve peace.
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