Gender equality means providing equal oppotunities to both men and women in political, economic, education, and health aspects. How can schools support gender equality goals?

Gender equality is a very important topic and it means that both men and women have equal opportunities in everyday life activities. Sadly, society still isn't up to date with providing equal opportunities even though so many people pledge and vouch to treat everyone equally. One of the many places where genders aren't treated equally is schools. Sometimes they unknowingly treat them differently. For example, many schools have dress codes that are mostly targeted at female students. Another example that I believe happens a lot occurs during physical education classes. The male students prefer to only pass or play with other male students, which causes the female students to have fewer opportunities to practice certain skills or be less involved in the class. In my opinion, schools can easily fix gender inequality by teaching both students and teachers about gender equality and how it happens during school. This will spread awareness about the problem and it will help everyone to realize what counts as gender inequality. Another easy way to get everyone involved is to create a banner or poster where students and staff members can sign and pledge to help stop gender inequality. However, this will have no use if everyone just signs it without actually intending to help. Lastly, all teachers must make sure to always give all genders equal opportunities. Because, in my opinion, if teachers were to actively display their support for all genders then the students will also be influenced in a positive way. Doing this, especially around younger children, will help them also treat everyone the same since they're at an age where they're easily influenced. Many problems revolving around gender equality can seem insignificant to people, but if you add them all up it can have a huge impact on people all over the world. This is why schools should try and get involved and solve these problems, it will create a brighter future for people of all genders.
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