Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they change the specific arguments presented in the reading passage.

the topic of both passage and lecture is restricting coal power plant waste restriction more seriously. the reading and speech have opposing opinions about that. they discuss three different reasons regards to their opinion. first, the passage claimed that the existing regulations are effective enough in preventing coal ash leakage. the power companies had mandated to use liner for every disposal site that they construct. On the other hand, the lecture argued that the liner is not sufficient in stopping coal ash leakage to underground water sources, and also the old ponds and land fields did not utilize the liner to prevent contaminations that cause environmental damage. second, the reading mentioned the power companies' representatives reasoned that any further regulations may discourage the recycling of the coal ashes into other products, but the lecture dispute this and name mercury as an example of a highly toxic substance that was strictly regulated and still did not raise any concerns for other consumers. finally, the reading claimed that more restricted regularization increases the electricity costs, especially for the public sector which could be a dissatisfying matter, on the other hand, the lecture argued that though these costs may seem expensive, their potential environmental improvements worth this extra effort, in addition, this extra cost exceeds the total house electricity cost for less than 1% that could easily be neglected.
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