Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Human activity is making the earth a worse place to live. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

To begin, generally believed that humans are the nature-owners. Therefore, many think that we can do everything to get probably even a little profit for us. Hence, I totally agree that nowadays society isn’t able to make the conditions of our environment better. I feel this way for two reasons which I will examine in this essay. First of all, the world population has been strongly increasing during the last years. It means that more and more people have the common properties needed for their everyday lives. Producing these facilities usually isn`t so eco-friendly thing. Therefore, the best ways to decrease ,even for a bit, our bad influence are to renovate our factories and to share the information about how to help our planet. As a result, the amount of pollution should become smaller which can lead to stopping killing nature around us.This the best demonstrated by the situation in my highly developed countries. One of this lands is Chine. Nowadays this giant has one of the biggest rates of profits not only in an economic area but also in population growth. Eventually, more and more people need more food, furniture, and other everyday stuff. Consequently, some years ago the level of cities pollutions was one the highest in the world which led to the huge pollution. However, the Chinese government didn`t give up, they started finding new methods to prevent future consequences. As a result, they were among first countries which not only improve their factory cycles, but also the level of ecological awareness. Even though these improvements made the situation quite better, the environment status isn`t so good there . Who knows, probably if the Asian big brother didn’t make this innovations, our nature about us wouldn't be even as bright and clear. Secondly, there are many places where exhausting natural resources is the only path to getting profit. Obviously, they are not the most modern and well organized. Thus, the society of these countries has to find a way how to live. As a result, they are usually simply forced to kill many endangered species or sell their houses to businessmen who are looking for easy money. Consequently, a lot of areas become unsuitable to live in.For instance, during the last years, the territory of the Amazonian forest has been quickly decreasing. The main reason for it is that many people who want a better life can’t continue living in the forests where their ancestors existed. Eventually, these territories are often sold to the people who only would like to get the lucrative resources. Because of it, many species lose their habitats and our planet's minerals decrease at a high rate. So, I think if these counties’ governments did even a bit to prevent the ecological catastrophe, our world would be more suitable to exist. In conclusion, I would like to say that humans are not the owners of nature, they are a part of it. Therefore, people have to do everything they can to save our habitats and to make our earth even a bit clearer. I hope the planet leaders will prevent the future eco-disaster and that humans become not the owner , but the friend of the environment.
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