Do you agree that all students should take history courses in universities?

History of a nation or country consists of experiences and paths that our ancestors went through to make the world that nowadays we have. In my view, I agree that all university students should be required to take history courses no matter what their field of study is for two reasons. First, I think experience is wealth. History is the accumulation of experiences and knowledge of our ancestors. Other people's experience can be helpful. Instead of actually going through situations ourselves to gain experiences, we can harvest valuable knowledge by studying the History courses and our ancestors’ experiences. For instance, the history of the introduction of heliocentric theory by Galileo. Studying this content will show the students the experiences and troubles the Galileo had at that time introducing this new challenging discovery to society. How a society reacted to new challenging ideas. Therefore, the students gain knowledge and valuable information by studying history courses and get prepared for situations similar to the past. Second, studying history courses in university can be inspiring and motivational for lots of students. For example, studying the Revolutions. First, we think it is not necessary for an art student to study these political events and the students should put most of their energy on studying art related courses, like Realism. However, by studying how revolutions start, who eased the process, art students can understand how different fields of works contribute to an important social change and how effective they can be in a political process and a nation's future. With understanding the importance and effects of their work in different aspects of life the students will be more motivated for further achievements. As a result, I think taking History courses is required for all university students no matter what their field of study is. History courses will provide great knowledge and inspirations for all students and prepare them for the challenges they may face in future. Despite the additional effort and time the history courses may cause the students, they will be grateful in future.
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