Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support.

Generally speaking, I agree that sports and social activities are equally important as classes and libraries and should receive same financial support at universities and colleges. First, students are encouraged to develop various aspects of skills in the colleges. Cultivating some beneficial habits is pivotal for college students and will lead them to better life. For example, exercising is crucial for every human being, and we should keep the exercise habit since we are young. Hence, the setup of stadium or even some scholarship to financially support those who are superb at sports can foster the trend of exercising among students. Second, college is a place not only for students to learn the professional knowledge but also to form relationship with others which will probably beneficial when they are work. Social activities are great occasion to meet others who share the same interests and also be a good opportunity to know more people and generate relationship. In our society, when finding a new job or seeking the opportunity to get the promotion, relationship are sometimes more crucial than skills, especially when the competitors are equally rated. In the situation, if one has good relationship with the significant deciders, it might provide additional positive impression and increase the chance to get the job or promotion Third, sports and social activities can serve as leisure activities which can ease the heavy academic pressure. Students have to learn how to maintain a owrk-life balance when they are in college. Only the student being able to cultivate their hobbies in the colleges can we develop a healthful, sound society. In sum, the sports and social activities are worthwhile to be allocated same financial support as classes and libraries. It is no doubt that the studying professional knowledge is indispensable in the university, however, the leisure activities weigh the same pounds in our lives, and thus deserve the same amount of investment.
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