It is commonly believed that in life, success is not the most important thing; it is more important to remain happy and optimistic when we fail. Do you agree with that idea? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

People have different methods in their life in order to confront their problems and harsh times. Although some people believe that being successful in their lives is very important and they just care about this issue, personally, I am on the side of people who strongly believe that being happy even in our frailer time is too far important in our life. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, having a positive vision to loses will give us a lot of motivation/make us a strong person. To be more specific, there are a lot of harsh times in our life and depended on our abilities it might be possible that we cannot achieve them and have a lot of fails in our life. Therefore, it is too important to be positive and try again to enhance our abilities to gain our goals. My own experience is a compelling example of what I mean. Ten years ago, after high school, I wanted to continue my education and a high-rank university. I was not that much genius student to enter top rank universities without any problems. Therefore, I could not able to meet the requirements for getting admission in the year after graduation from high school. Because I really was interested in that university I did stay at home and studied hard to meet all the requirements. Although I could able to be unhappy and disappointed about my frailer, I wanted to make myself strong enough and improve my information to gain my goal. Moreover, if we look at losses in our life from a positive point of view, it will improve our self-confidence. To put it in other words, people who are a hard worker and never accept to do not achieve some problems in their lives and cannot dismiss them will learn how to solve problems in their lives, in fact, their learn how to approach to a different issue, and as a result, their self-confidence will improve. For instance, as I mentioned in the example in the past paragraph, although it took me a whole of one year to accept the university that I wanted, it taught me that I am able to achieve whatever that I want in my life. I learned that I should just keep going and be patient, and then I can gain whatever that I want. Triumphs come after losses, we should just believe in ourselves and do our best. In conclusion, according to all the reasons and examples, I believe that this is too important to be positive in our life. This is because, not only does it make us strong, but improve our self-confidence.
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