Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Overall, the widespread use of internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world

If we look around us, we notice how many people make use of the nternet. Using it every day has become the norm. Most of us cannot imagine our lives without it and that shows the big role that it is playing. In my opinion, Internet has made my life easier, and I am sure it also had a positive impact on most of us. I feel this way for two reasons which I will examine in this essay. Firstly, I think that the Internet allowed us to travel in a more comfortable way. Before its invention, everyone relied on maps, which were not always easy to read. Nowadays, if people decide to go on a road trip, a navigator will guide them to their destination. The risk of getting lost is surely lower and the trip itself will be more enjoyable. Moreover, thanks to the Internet, taking flights has also improved. For example, people do not have to spend hours in a queue to check-in. They can easily do that online and that not only saves their time, but also the worker . I personally fly a lot from Italy to Germany and I have always enjoyed the advantage of the online check-in. Secondly, I think that Internet enables all of us to access, in a short time, a countless quantity of information. Whether you are a Professor at the University who wants to read colleagues’ research papers, or if you are a student who needs material for an essay, Internet will help you reach your goal. Even though books are still a powerful resource, looking up information online is a time saver. Thanks to Internet’s database, it is possible to find every single book or paper that we are looking for. Speaking from my experience, writing a forty pages essays in less than a month would have not been possible without the use of Internet. Students do not always have a long time to write their papers. Hence, looking for every single book at the library can be very stressful, because it is not sure that they are always available. In conclusion, I believe that none of us could live without Internet nowadays. It has become part of our lives and we all rely on it. Traveling is now easier, more comfortable, and more relaxing. Compared to the past, the whole traveling experience, whether it is a road trip or a flight , has completely changed and mostly positive. Moreover, Internet also shaped University life. Making research, writing essays, and reparing presentations in a short time, is now uncomplicated. Those are again some of the reasons why I think that Internet has brought more good than harm to society.
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