The best way to travel is in a group led by tour guide.

Travelling would be the perfect way to relax the mind from work load as well as spent ample amount of time with the loved ones. While many people think that the exquisite way to travel is in a group which is led by guide; however, others assert that it is not legitimate. Considering my point of view, I firmly opt for the former view for numerous conspicuous reasons which are pinpointed in the subsequent paragraphs. The initiation of the idea could be explained by the fact that in this sophisticated and progressive world, where we live, tour guides plays a paramount role in the society. To ellaborate, they have augment amount of experience owing to the fact that they have visited the identical places for myriads of time. In addition to this, they could also provide profound knowlegde of particular eminent places to the group who would be travelling with them. The fact could be explained with the following exemplification. Last year, my friend visited Udaipur where there are manifolds of breathtaking architectures. She pointed out the claim that the tour guide not only proffered adequate information about the palaces but also portrayed the lives of emperors and showed mesmerizind engravings by them. To illustrate this point, as per the survey which was conducted by the abundance of universities in the United States constantly emphasized that 85% of the tour guide are more proficient and knowledgeable about the eye-catching places as compared to the local public. Furthermore, it is credible that with the incessant modernization and advancements, the desire for better lifestyle has proliferated a lot. People love to explore the places whenever they have ample amount of time. If the tour guide would be with them, then he/she might readily succor them by arranging all the necessary requirements ; for instance, finding a motel and the food by the virtue of the fact that this would be an arduous job in the foreign counties. Further, the tour guide helps an individual to avoid the cultural conflicts. My personal experience is a compelling illutsration for this. Last year, when I visited Malaysia, there was a place known as "Batuk Caves", where people were asked to dressed in a traditional way. Nonetheless, our tour leader's appropriate guidance, we dressed up in a way that was asked and thus strived not to hurt the sentiments of the local community. Hence, it would be mometous if a group would travel by a guide as they are familiar with the religions and cultures of different places. In compendium, taking all of the above mentioned expositions and illustrations, I completely concur to the fact that travellling via tour guide would be utmost convenient as they know the cultural beliefs of varied areas. On the top of that, they would help us to eliminate the intricate situations and one could felicitously enjoy the tour in a comfortable way.
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