In learning about life, the advice of family is more important than individual experiences.

All people live in the universe only once and despite the fact everything is somehow new, there are still some manners in which individuals could figure out how to live and which way is the best one. In learning with regard to life, family members attempt to give principles and bits of advice to the young and some people believe that this guidance has more importance than experiences which every human earns in life. Personally, I disagree with this statement. This essay aims to investigate reasons for holding this opinion. First, although it is evident that the family members like to see each other successful and fortunate, their advice are not always true and applicable. Of course, this does not mean that we should stop listening to them. In fact, people have different experiences in confronting the journey of life and its ups and downs. Every situation in which people find themselves is unique and understandable for that one. Individuals could realize what their conditions are and probably if they experiment, they may not forget the lesson which they have learned on that trace. Hence, it will be helpful if people listen to their family’s advice but they should consider that their situation is different from other because they are different the other people. Second, experiencing shapes people’s personalities. In other words, individuals’ character arises from the challenges and matters which they have spent in their lives and the solutions they have chosen to do with regard to issues. It is irrefutable that what we do, feel and experience by ourselves is more effective on us and our thought manner than people’s advice. For instance, parents are prohibiting their children from getting close to dangerous activities like lighting a fire since there is probability of burns. But they will no realize how dangerous and damaging it is until they light it and experience that what fire is. This means that the effect of experiences on people is more than advices because of its practical part. Third, it will be too cowardly if you just do what others tell you to do. Likewise, not only are your life and decisions dependent on others’ experiences and advices, but you also could not comprehend what you are interested in or what you are afraid of since you have just listened to their advice blindly without conforming them with your conditions and your aims. This results in you becoming a person with no individuality. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that individual experiences are more valuable than just listening to family advice. The advice are unique and not applicable to everyone. Furthermore, experiencing would make our personality and character and is distinguishing people from each other.
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