Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Rich people who do not work will be unhappy. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers.

Every people have their own definition of "happiness". Some considered the wealth, in which condition they can buy all things they want. While others underscore the importance of achievement in their lives. Still others cherish the very trivial things happening in their daily lives. Rich people, also being a humankind, can share the same point of view as normal people. As a humankind, we all chase what we want to live with and what our lifestyle will be. Rich people is no exception. They also have the right to choose what life they want to live. Hence, keeping working or not has never been a question. The real question is whether working brings them happiness. Thus, in my opinion, I disagree that rich people who do not work will be unhappy for the reason that some rich people can pursue other things than working, for example, traveling, to gain happiness. Of course working may be a means of gaining happiness. While most of people work hard for earning money to sustain their subsistence, some people choose the jobs which will bring them most sense of achievement. For those successful, wealthy businessmen, their work must have made enormous influence to the society, and thus they can profit from it. In this circumstances, the businessmen can not only live an affluent life that can be supported by the high income but also, and may be more importantly, enjoy the accomplishment they bring to the world, and they might become unhappy if they are deprived of the work. While some rich people keep working to gain the sense of achievement, others can choose to quit their job to pursue other pivotal things in their lives if they have accumulated enough money. Some people do not like the complexity and stressful environment of work, and they will choose not to work if they can sustain their resting lives. In this cases, working is not necessary for this kind of rich people. In sum, I do not believe rich people have to work to be happy. Working is just an aspect of the life, and they, compared to normal people, have more choices to gain happiness.
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