Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students' sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

To begin, proving comfortable conditions for students is the main aim of each university. Therefore, I totally agree that spending money on sports events is equally important as investing in the libraries. I feel this way for two reasons which I will examine in this essay. First of all, exercising usually has a fantastic influence on educational achievements. That means that the student`s level of grades and motivation should be improved due to giving them the opportunity to change the point of their interests. So, I believe that organizing athletic event for the young generation is not only a possibility to have fun, otherwise , but it is also a chance to make the level of their assessment better. Eventually, if the university gets a nice review about activities they make, it may up them in international rankings. This is the best demonstrated by my personal experience. Last year I lost any motivation to become better in education. My grades were quite nice and I knew that exams wouldn`t be a problem for me. However, once our school staff announced a competition among high school students. I think that is not my cup of tea but my friends forced me to take place in this contest. Unfortunately, I was not so good. Moreover, it was one of the worst. Nevertheless, I felt like I got a lot of energy to continue my educational path. Consequently, I became one of the most successful students that year. Thus, I believe if the represented event wasn`t organized, I wouldn`t tend to change the way I studied. Secondly, sport can be useful for students who are not able to show their special abilities in a traditional way. Obviously, each of us definitely doesn`t completely know ourselves. Therefore, taking part in competitions may demonstrate your delighted skills for you and to other participants. Evidently, it can lead to vast changes in your life. For instance, when my father was fifteen, he took part in the local football tournament. Everything was nice, except the fact his team couldn`t choose the captain. Suddenly, he was asked to take this position. He thought that was a joke but it was a reality. Due to this fact, he had to give many efforts to lead his team to the win. Nevertheless, receiving the trophy wasn`t the most important. The main thing he discovered was that he had perfect leadership skills. Consequently, it helped him to become one of the most successful people who graduated from his school. Therefore, unless the tournament was set up, my father's career probably wouldn`t be as exciting. In conclusion, I would like to say that sports activities are completely necessary for students. Moreover, it should motivate and open new live doors for them. I hope that the educational system will get better and will be able to create the facilities to encourage young people to exercise more.
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