Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

To begin, music is a fantastic method of associating various types of people. In my opinion, I mostly agree that music is able to create a union between totally contrasted nations and generations. I feel this way for two reasons which I will examine in this essay. First of all, usually, tune preferences don’t depend on the age of the listener. It means you don’t have to be a teenager to be fond of pop melody or nobody makes you listen to eighties songs. Therefore, everybody should like whatever he or she likes. As a result, anyone may get new acquaintances by meeting people that have similar tastes.This is the best demonstrated by my personal experience. Some years ago I was listening to Eminem’s songs during the break between my biology classes. Suddenly, my teacher asked me to make the sound loudly. I was surprised due to this fact because she was about 65 years old. Despite all, when the song ended she suggested continuing. Eventually, I started doing this activity every week. After that,I felt like knew each other for ages and our relationship got better. Consequently, if we didn’t like the same music, we wouldn’t have as fantastic connections as we had then. Secondly, there are many lyrics that united not only the small groups of people. Furthermore, they are associated with the whole nation. Anthems, football clubs’ or even random songs can become traditional among nations. Thus, creating intercultural trends is vital for forcing key world ideas. As a result, these actions can help the countries’ governments to improve their official deals.For instance, now the war between Ukraine and Russia is in action. Many people were killed and abased. Moreover, plenty of them is even suffering now. Obviously, creating strong characteristics is very important in that complicated period. Because of this, the Ukrainian nation had to find an anthem of freedom, and the song «Chernova Kalyna» became it. Right now, this lyric is popular on different continents from Australia to North America. Consequently, unless many people didn’t hear this song, they wouldn’t be as united as they are now to help Ukraine. In conclusion, I would like to state that music is the irreparable thing in the foundation of good human relationships. Creating new lyrics and sharing them are amazing ways of making people more associated. Therefore, I hope that these processes will never stop.
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