Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

To begin, I would like say that most relations should be devided into two groups: personal and job ones. In my opinion, the constant giving the accurate information to the person you talk to is one of the main things in relations in society. Therefore, I totally agree that the truth is irreplaceable for creating reliable connections among groups reprasentated below. I feel this way for two reasons which I will examine in this essay. Firstly, if you try to use the lie as a method of building any close relations, know that it is impossible. The real friend, your girlfriend, siblings or any other type of personal relations has to be formed on rely. In that situation rely means that all information which you would like share have to approved or you have to say that something you mention is not sure. Otherwise, your clauses may be easily destroyed by discovering the truth. As a result, you can feel damaged and even disappointing. This is the best demonstrated by my personal experience. Some years ago I had a relations with my ex-girlfriend. Everything was nice, but in one period I feel like she became different. I couldn't say that she changed to the bad side. Moreover, her personal achievements looked ideal. Thus, I started thinking about I was not good enough to be suitable to her. Eventually, I decided to have a talk. During the conversation, I was amazed that probably all she had told me wasn't true. Obviously, these factes ruined our relations and we had to break up. Therefore, I could summarize if our relations wasn`t based on the lie, probably we woundn`t feel as upset and heartbroken. Secondly, no one wants to have any deals with unhonest people. Usually our businesses are constisted of tons of important things such as contracts, aquantances , ect. Because of this fact, losing a little part of it can lead to destoying all company systems. Therefore, nobody would like to work with people who can make their way living out of control. Eventually, these ruiners often have to change the organisations they work or even take up the new areas for them. For instance, last year my father`s company worker said the false information about the terms of delivering the paper to the company. The consequences of it was horible! One of the firm`s key partners was lost which caused hopefully only a little crisis in the company. Unfortunatelly, my father was forced to end any connections with this empoyee. As a result, this man had to start working on worse-paying job. Thus, if he didn`t try to hide the thuth, he wouldn`t have to be unemployed. In conclusion, I can say that only honest people are able to build good relation as in job as in personal area.
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