Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Visiting museums is the best way to learn about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

People with different personalities and characteristics tend to have distinctive strategies to learn the culture of another country. When it comes to the question of whether visiting museum is the best way. Despite lots of benefits, I, personally, think it is definitely not cogitative enough to regard visiting museums as the best way since there are a galaxy of more effective and thrilling approaches to fully understand a country. First off, there is no denying that visiting museums is indeed a convenient way to look into a country. To be specific, visitors can have a general idea of the country through historical relics exhibited in the museums. Those local artworks are just like mirrors that reflect the country’s rise and decline. From the vessels displayed in the museums, it is easy to imagine the scene of the previous times and to know how old people led lives. However, generally speaking, those antiques are only representations of the past, so people can hardly know the current development and the future prospect of the country. What's more, no matter what kind of museums, gallery or nature museums, almost each different museum just reflects one aspect of the country. Even for the well-known British museum, which possesses every continents’ relics, visitors still can not learn fully about a country for the unavoidable limits of the museums’ content. In addition, there are definitely other approaches, from my perspective, that are the better alternatives, such as searching on the Internet. With the invention of cutting-edge technological gadgets like tablet, laptop, and even a smart phone, one can easily find relevant information just at the quick flip of touch, such as the fashion, politics, entertainment, art, history, economy or anything else. Vivid pictures and videos on Baidu, the best known and well-used website in China just like google in the United States, depict local people’s ways of living. Usually, people get richer information than what they actually need, which also saves lots of time and energy. Plus, one can directly communicate with people all around the world through on-line social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, by friending them and sending messages or even face-timing with them, which is more interactive and thrilling. Also, one can take a trip or join exchange programs to get first-hand exposure to the culture of a foreign country. As the saying goes,“the world is a book, those who do not travel read only a page”. Indeed, there are so much that one can explore when traveling abroad. During the trip, visitors can take their time to interact with natives, being exposed to local people’s perspectives and philosophies about life can get a far more direct and deeper understanding. Moreover, travelers can explore the local cuisines like the Thai pad thai, Italian pizza, Belgian macaroons and Chinese dumplings they find on their travels. Cuisine culture is also an essential part of a country, and obviously, the flavor of the food tastes more genuine from the place of its origin than where we try in our home country. In a nutshell, visiting the museums is just an alternative choice not the best one when learning about a country since utilizing the internet and traveling to the country in person is far better and more direct to go deeper into another culture.
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