Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Visiting museums is the best way to learn about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I disagree with the statement that visiting museums is the best way to learn about a country. Here come my reasons. Museums indeed carry a certain history of a country, but it definitely is not the best way to learn about a country. There are lots of artifacts and precious items there. But what is missing there? It's the undiscovered truth. Personally, I think history is all about truth. If you simply hang around the museum, I doubt whether you find out the truth. Some may argue that there are guides telling what happened in the past or which event is related to the artifact. However, all these cannot be called truth. Truth needs to be uncovered by loads of reading and thinking. In other words, museums are able to offer you a glimpse of what a country's history looks like and leave a blurred impression on you but nothing further. As mentioned above, museums only carry a certain history of a country. I dare say most museums do not tell the whole story about one country. That's to say, for some reason, some history is omitted deliberately. I believe when you want to learn about a country, you want to dig into all about it, not just the positive or negative parts. Unfortunately, your wish may not be satisfied by visiting museums. The omitted parts hide incredibly deep somewhere. For real learners with great curiosity, it's a must to do much reading. Museums are not the best way to learn about a country, but they still can be a pretty good way to do it. You can see the history in a lively way. Perhaps the vibe in the museums will do you good. Just remember it's not the best way but welcome to the museums to learn more things.
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