do you agree or disagree with the following statement ? the way we live our life will have a negative impact on future generations

Future generations are a major concern today. The way we currently live will have a massive impact on next generations. Personally, I totally agree with the idea that the way we live our lives now will have a negative impact on the upcoming generations in the future. I hold this opinion for two crucial reasons which I will discuss in this essay . First, current modern-day technology requires massive industrial machinery that provides both energy and resources. Evidently, this machinery produces a huge amount of waste that proposes a threat to the ecology system and the environment. Additionally, some factories ,instead of properly disposing their waste, get rid of it by other unhealthy means causing further damage to the environment. For example, a lot of factories throw away their disposals into seas putting a high risk on the inhabitants of these water areas and risking their lives up to extinction rendering them not useful in the future. This may disrupt the entire balance of these water systems. If the waste of these factories had been removed properly, It would have been much better for all the creatures underwater. Second, uncoordinated and uncontrolled removal of agricultural lands in order to establish malls, casinos and other non-useful buildings to serve our current day needs without considering the importance that this land holds for further generations is quite frightening. plants assist in clearing air pollution and replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen making the air pure and healthy. Obviously, cutting down trees without looking at the consequences will only lead to an endangered society in the near future. For instance, the city i live in built a huge mall over an agricultural land and now we are suffering a decrease in crops and an increase in pollution. If only they had not removed this land, we would not have suffered as much. In conclusion, For these two reasons summarized in pollution and removal of agricultural land, I think that the way we live now will affect further generations considerably.
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