Doctors recommend that older people should get regular exercise. However, many older people do not take enough exercise. What could be the reasons for this? What can be done to encourage them to take exercise?.

Exercise is a key to health. Medical practitioners advocate that elderly people need regular physical activity, despite this many oldsters do not follow the instructions for the exercise. There could be multiple causes for such an occurrence: however, some proactive suggestions can help to inspire the senior citizens. Both the motives as well as solutions are explained in the ensuing paragraphs. Scrutinizing the root causes, the foremost one is that aged people are not physically fit to perform such hard exercises. To elaborate, they have a fear of injury to their bones, as it is well-known fact that after such age, the bones get weaker. To add to this, around half of the senior citizens are suffering from severe diseases such as bone disorders, heart attacks, hypertension, and many others so they often feel lethargic while doing exercises. Another reason is they think that doing physical activities is a waste of time. It means that older people have a mindset that nothing would be changed in their body after a certain age and it welcomes several health complications. To cite an example, a recent probe concludes that in China, around 65% of the aged are suffering from heart and bone diseases due to this thinking. Nevertheless, there are several viable solutions to motivate the elder generation towards physical activities. To begin with, the most effective one would be the inauguration of a gym in each and every area by the government. By this, I mean that if the higher authority gives free entries to the older people, it will attract them to gyms and they give some attention to their health. What is more, the local community should initiate themselves into the campaign where they encourage or perform or teach them some exercises like Yoga, Pranayama, and others. So, this is how ministry and citizens motivate the older population. Thus, to close the discussion, it can be eventually stated that older people avoid physical activities because they possess less physical strength and a pessimistic mindset about exercise. However, the regime and the local public can motivate them to do regular exercise.
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