Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In this sophisticated and progressive world, where we live, there has been huge advancement in the field of automobiles. Also, we could easily visualize that every mankind has its own transportation for travelling. While some believe that in the next twenty years, there would be alleviation in usage of cars as compared to this modem era, others assert that it is not completely legitimate. From my point of view, I opt for the second option for numerous conspicuous reasons which are pinpointed in the subsequent paragraphs. The initation of the idea could be explained with the fact that with the growing modernization and expansion, lust for power, money and better lifestyle has augmented a lot. These has been plausible due to the manifolds of technologies which has been upsurged. To add this claim, automobile industry has been incessanty enlarging and inordinately spreading at its highest peak. Nonetheless, it has further led to competitions among the varied companies. The fact could be justified with the following exemplification. In the year 2018, there was a futile argument among the two major enormous comparsies, that is, Mercedes and Hyundai, that which of the following has prominent automobile parts and who provides exquisite facilities to their costumers. Moreover, this heated debate surrounding the issue was of crucial incentive. Furthermore, the survey revealed that each of them has its own eminent feactures which differs them from one another and thus they would never curb their production of cars. However, what if there there would be reduction in cars in few years? Without a shadow of doubt, that would make the life utmost inconvenient! Secondly, it is credible that in this contemporary world, youth deem that cars has been the momentarily salient means of transportation as compared to others, that makes their life more convenient and easier. To cite an example, In Delhi, at prior, when the metro was constructed, its usage was at the highest level. Although, after some time people started finding it intricated and thus preferred to flit by their own car Not only this, but abundance of researches which have been conducted by myriads of universities in the United States constantly emphasized that there has been 60% of proliferation in the usage of cars when compared to last few years. Hence there would be primarily longer usage of cars in the following years also. In compendium, taking into account all the above mentioned expositions and illustrations, from my pespective, I firmly contradict that there would be reduction in the utilization of motor, owing to the fact that youngsters find them the appropriate means of transportation. On the top of that, the massive companies would built new fangled attribution of cars that would attract plethora of humans.
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