Some young adults want independence from their parents as soon as possible. Other young adults prefer to live with their family for a longer time. Which of these solutions do you think is better?

This topic is really influenced by the culture. So my opinion is representing the Swiss culture. That is why i think it is better to be soon independent than stay for a long time at their family. Actually I did not moove out that early, because of my bachelor degree which i started at 22. That does not mean that I was not independent from my parents. We have a quiet big house and I also payed rent. But now I mooved out since 2 years, and I see definitly way more positive than negative parts. So for me, it is really important that I can do what I want and when I want. When your live alone you do not have to care for other people at all. In my case, I prefer to wash a lot of dishes at one time over to do always a small amount. Now i can stock my dishes until i have enough and wash them together. This is on daily base. Before I had to wash my dishes three times a day. This is kind of an example, why I love it to shedule my task as I want. An other positive reason is that I can now invite people as much I want. And I can get calm days when I need them. Most people are extrovert and introvert, as I am. So I need friends around me on some days, and on others I just want to be alone. Now I can decide by myself If I want to socialise or just stay at home and watching Netflix. I think a lot of people see as negative that they do not see their parents that often anymore. Sure this is a good point. But in Switzerland the distances are really not long. If I want to visit my parents I allways have the possibility to do this. But now I can decide when and how ofthen I want to see them. It is even possible to see them during weekdays. The only negative point for me at all was, that it was more expensiver. But this point is now less important since I am working as a software engineer and earn a good salary. To sumarize, I prefere to be soon independent, but only if my financial situation is stable.
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