If you could study a subject that you have never had the opportunity to study, what would you choose? Explain your choices, using specific reasons and details

If I had the opportunity to study a subject that I have never had the opportunity to study, I would choose Latin. I have always enjoyed learning new words and phrases in foreign languages. So there are several reasons why I would like to learn Latin. Firstly, Latin is one of the oldest languages. Due to its age, many modern languages originated from Latin. Italian and Spanish, for example, have similar grammar to one that Latin has; these two languages also have same meaning of the words compared to Latin. This historical bond between Latin and other modern languages allows people, who know Latin, to learn those languages faster and easier, because the languages that originated from Latin have same structure and spelling. As I am interested in learning about different countries, their languages and cultures, it would be useful for me to learn Latin before any other languages. So when I study and travel I have authentic experience, great cultural exchange. In adition, knowing Latin provides you with the access to much more knowledge. Old books, texts, manuscripts can be read in their original language. Experience like this allows you to learn the very original information. It is important to have the ability to understand what is written because, for example, it is widely known that translation can miss some words or even skip paragraphs, so the real message of the text gets twisted, misunderstood. But with knowledge of Latin people can avoid situations like that. Lastly, numerous amount of terms are in Latin. So having basic knowledge of Latin will make it easier to understand and remember those terms. For example, if I decide to enroll in a medical school, I will have to learn Latin to understand the terms, the names of medicaments, and the names of diseases.
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