Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In this sophisticated and progressive world, where we live, there has been enormous advancement in every field, especially in technology. This has been a benediction for myriads of mankind. While some people contend that life was utmost convenient at the time of our grandparents when they were children, others assert that it is not legitimate. Considering my opinion, I completely concur to the fact that life is much comfortable in this contemporary era for numerous conspicuous reasons which are pinpointed in the subsequent paragraphs. The initiation of the idea could be explained by the fact that with the incessant development of modernization and progression, the desire for power, wealth and better lifestyle has augmented a lot. This has further proliferated the modern means of transportation as well as increased the job opportunities for juveniles. Nevertheless, in the past, it was quite hindrance for people as they used to focus on only one specific field, that would be either being a tutor or merchant. However, there has been complete modification in the current scenario. My personal experience is a compelling illustration for this. When my grandfather was a child, he used to walk to explore the new-fangled place, but when I grew young, I preferred to flit by owing to the fact that it made my life more advantageous. What if, such amenities were present at that time, then life might not be so much intricate! It is credible that nowadays there have been upsurge in the medical facilities which have proffered plentiful of mankind s relative to past. The fact could be justified with the following exemplifiaction. Two years ago, when the Covid-19 virus affected plethora of human beings, it made everyone's life jeopardize. Without a shadow of doubt, the scientists played a vitol role in it and burn the day light and invented the remdesivir vaccine which made it plausible to control the spread of these virus. Also, abundance of researches conducted by myriads of universities in the United States constantly emphasized the fact that there has been 70 % of alleviation in child death ratio as compared to earlier time due to the medical services which are proffered at appropriate time. In compendium, taking into account above mentioned all the expositions and illustrations, from my perspective, life momentarily is not arduous and much more enjoyable in view of the claim that there has been massive evolution not only in mechanization but also in health services. On the top of that, this has been profitable and momentus for today's youth.
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