Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Homework plays an essential role in education Use reasons and details to support your opinion.

In my opinion, a good education is the result of good lectures that are interesting for the students in combination with targeted homework. In this essay, I will present the two critical factors that I believe are making daily homework essential to have good, educated adults. To begin with, revision of work is necessary to completely understand one subject. Even for the smartest student, it is impossible to hold in mind every information that someone heard in the morning lecture. More impossible is the in-depth understanding of all this information. I have personal experience of all this from my school years. For example, I never was the best in mathematics. Some days, I was feeling that I got nothing from the class, but when I was home with silence and plenty of time, I could give emphasis and learn what I couldn’t in school. Today, I know that it is normal for every person to need a different time to understand something. Secondly, with homework, a student learns from the early years of his life what is time management and how to work independently. In this way, he is being prepared for life after the school years which he will have to manage more difficult daily programs such as a combination of work and university or work and family. In my case, I can agree that I never had a problem managing my time and I believe that certain role in this has the experience which I got as a child and teenager. With my enrollment at university, I started in the same period work as a private tutor for teenagers in the last classes of high school and I can say that then I was, and I am a mentor for these boys and girls. Even today, despite the messages which I am getting to help them pass lessons in their universities, I am still getting messages asking me for help about how to create their daily program and manage their time. In conclusion, as I analyzed homework is required for a successful education and not only. Education policymakers must give guidelines to the teachers and professors to do homework has a part in the final assessment of the students. In this way, every student will understand that homework is not something optional but something that really has to do.
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