Your local government has recently received a large donation from anonymous donor to improve the community. Almost everyone agree that the money should be invested in building new public facility. Which of the following do you think your local government should build? Build a public library, Public park and public pool

Sports and social activities ought to be included in the daily life of every person. Unfortunately, in the last few years many people tend to do not give equal treatment to them. For this reason, I totaly agree that university and colleges must promote these two activities and also demand from every student to participate. I will explain the main reasons which I believe this, in the next paragraphs. To begin with, efficiency in the studies is a combination of good mentaly and physicaly health. If someone does not feel well it is sure that this will make his brain work slower and some times the persons can not realise it. I remember my self when i was university student during the corona virus pandemic. Due to quarantine I was obligated to stay in my house, away from my friends and my family. Because I would not have to meet people, I became lazy and I did not have excerice for months. As a result i gained kilos and I could not give effort in my studies. It was the worst semesters of my studies. Secondly, if an educational institution has excelent facilities and plenty of things to do, it will be attractive to more and better students. The result will be that it will rise up among other institution and will gain good reputation. This could attract sponsors, and with this way it could have more money to finance its classes and its facilities. Again in my former university, when the basketball team took the second place in the league, which was its best place the last twenty years, immidiately a sponsor offered to invest in the renovation of the main theter and the library. Concluding, I strongly belive that good sports facilities and plenty of social activities are essential things to make the students and the institution succeed and the cost of the investment will be returned in the future and even more.
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