Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

The article and the professor talk about four-day week works and the companies and both bring up their points to express their opinion about the topic, all of which will be explained in the following essay. The article states that companies benefit more when they add an option for the five-day working employees to get to choose a four-day work and receive 80 percent of the normal pay. However, the professor in the speaking explains that offering four-day workweek to employees is not reasonable and refutes all three of the supporting reasons the author of the passage gives. First, The reading claims that offering extra option of four-day work raises the company benefits and as a result of this offer the employees have less errors in their work and the company also can hire more staff for the same amount of money, which was used on the old employees before the offering. The professor rejects this point by saying that hiring more employees would be accompanied with spending more money because new staff needs office space, computers and also medical insurance. Secondly, the article points that one of the benefits of the option is the decrease of the unemployment rate. According to the professor, in this situation the company would be forced to ask its employees to do the remaining works since hiring new staff is more costly. Therefore, no additional job would be available, yet the current jobs would be unpleasant for employees. Finally, The reading mentions that offering the four-day option could result in employees spending a lot of time with their families and thus improve their life’s quality. The professor opposes this reasoning by mentioning that in this situation the employee could jeopardize his/her situation. Some risks that would become the consequences of this option could decrease their job ability thus making them lose their job, because in the times of a sensitive economic status, the company would prefer hire five-day worker.
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