Should leaders be conservative or more adaptive to the new world?

Nowadays, choosing the right political leader is essential in creating a promising future for the next generation. While some people are reluctant to make new changes, I take a different approach. Therefore, if I were to be the leader of this country, I would strive to make these two changes; normalize paternity leave, and the environment would become a big concern. First, paternity leave should be normalized in our society. In Japan, only one in 16 men takes advantage of their legal rights even though our country has one of the best paternity leave policies in the world. Paternity leave has countless benefits. For example, paternity leave enables fathers to have more time to spend with their children allowing them to make invaluable memories. Furthermore, studies have shown that interaction with fathers at an early age has long-term benefits in children’s learning abilities. Simply put, despite the fact that our country has one of the best policies, taking advantage of them is not normalized yet. Therefore, as a leader, I will promote paternity leave. Second, Japan must make new policies on plastic use. For instance, when you walk around the grocery store and look through the produce section, you will realize that all of them are individually wrapped in plastic. Governments should make new regulations to get rid of unnecessary plastic. Addressing the plastic packaging issue may be only a small step toward sustainable living, but it presents a valuable opportunity to examine other wasteful practices and further lighten the country's environmental footprint. In sum, I will make new policies on plastic use to raise awareness of environmentally conscious lifestyles. In conclusion, if I become the leader of Japan, I will normalize paternity leave for its benefits, and raise awareness about sustainable living for a better future for the next generation.
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