Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

It is believed by some people that individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and eras, in which they have grown up, can be integrated by music. From my point of view, I completely agree with this idea as music brings better understanding of different social norms and perceptions and the truthful reflections of various generations can be witnessed through music. In my opinion, music plays a critical role in bringing people from several cultures together as insights of social customs, beliefs and behaviors of a particular tribe can be acquired. In other words, the way people interact with each other in social events and traditional festivals can frequently be felt in the lyrics of the music within a short period. For example, listening to the Burmese songs, in which the lyrics are about how indigenous people are generous and their standpoint towards religious things, can make people from a dissimilar cultural backgrounds realize the seasonal celebrations and donations. Moreover, the fact that the attitude of citizens from western countries towards the relationship is totally different from most of the Asian countries, with which conservative people are crammed, can be known through the music. In addition, I believe that music is a useful tool to help people taste the atmosphere of different eras. Most of the youths, in fact, can imagine not only how their ancestors created and composed the songs but also the social traditions can be learned, listening to the music from the previous generations, especially the songs about lives in the nineties. In our country, we can feel the vibes,which the college students used to go on dates walking along Inya lake or eat fried bottle gourds in the small shops after attending evening lectures through the music. In conclusion, I reckon that music is effective in eradicating the differences in culture and ages as it brings clearer insights and notions of various cultural backgrounds and the different eras.
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