Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Some think that parents are the best teachers in the environment where their children live now. On the other hand, others think that parents are not better teachers than teachers at school. When I ask, both sides will describe some good reasons to support their opinion. I disagree with the given statement. I will explain a few reasons to support my opinion. Firstly, I think that some parents around the world can not be good at teaching and they do not know everything that children learn at the school. Any mothers or fathers usually do not know many things or forget many things. For example, when children are asked to their parents that “when World War 1 was begun? and why it is happened? ”, probably parents can not answer the question. As shown in this example, parents can not become the best teachers. Secondly, I think that children should be taught from many adults. If children are taught or connect with the same person every day, children can not connect with people that have different ideas or background. For instance, if the chance of connecting other people is reduced, children can not confirm my opinions or parents’ opinions are correct or wrong. Also, more and more children connect with many people in childhood, they can learn communication skills or friendships from other people. As shown in this example, parents are not good enough to teach children. In conclusion, I disagree with the opinion that parents are best teachers for the reasons stated above.
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