Your local government has decided to improve their community. Do you think they should A. build a public park B. build a public library C. build a public pool

We live in an age where it is even more important to support local economies and keep people entertained. Nowadays, where a global pandemic and many wars dominate the media, governments should provide opportunities for people to distract themselves and experience some fun. Building new facilities; keep people entertained and improve the citys´ image in long-term are essential steps to sustain a happy population and functioning economy. A library is the best option to achieve these goals. The following essay will provide multiple reasons to ultimately verify that thesis. To start with, a library can function as a social ,,place to be`` as people meet up there and despite exchanging knowledge, also get involved into small talks and keep up social contacts. The main benefit here, is that people have the opportunity, to figure out similarities quite easy. If they meet up in the library at let´s say the history section, they already got something to talk about. The likelihood of becoming friends, is thus way higher. Another point worth mentioning is that a library will positively impact the image of a city. Beneath the fact, that libraries are often very characteristic and unique in their architecture, they also imply the society around to be educated. International investors can be attracted quicker, as they exspect the local economy to be stable and citicens to be more differentiated in their thinking. Finally, there is obviously the main benefit of a library: Education and Provision of scientific work and knowledge to academic institutions and people respectively. A library is able to provide support for schools and universities in bringing on histoical works to the present generation. Students get access to papers older than decades and theories concering, for instance, the second world war or the french revolution. This is an excellent opportunity to conserve knowledge and make use of it later on. Furthermore, private persons can use a library to conduct own research regarding topics they are interested in and especially young people have the possiblity to explore their dedication from an early age on. Taking everything into consideration, a library is one of the best opportunities to boost local economies and educate people directly, as well as indirectly through academic intistitutions. Personally, I think it is also a very appealing way of distracting people from the stress they experience in their daily lifes.So in conclusion, there is a number of reasonable arguments which verify the main thesis.
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