Summarize the content of the lecture you heard explaining how they cast doubt on the contents of the reading about first grain based food. You may refer to the passage as you write

In the reading passage and lecture, the author basically describes how ancient people domesticated themselves to consume wheat. First, the lecture talks about how wheat was the first grain of food in ancient times. But the reading content states that there is scant evidence of first domestication. Second, the lecture hypothesized that the first grain is beer not bread. Beer doesn’t need grinding. Beer is sprouted wheat. In my opinion beer came first as ancient man didn’t have the technology to grind wheat into a paste and bake it. Lastly, bread was a breakthrough by grinding bread, it forms a paste which ferments as yeast spore from the air. Wheat ferments into bubbles and foams are formed. This substance is much easier to eat when baked. To conclude I feel “wheat beer” was the first discovered by ancient civilization. Wheat can be ground and made into paste which is fermented then baked. Beer is sprouted wheat. Ironically, we consume wheat in both forms. Modern man eats both bread and beer in their staple diet.
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