How does behavior influence one's appearance to others?

Recent research has shown that indeed our appearance impacts others' judgment about our personalities, but is our appearance also influenced by our behavior? In my view, it is. I will explore two reasons to support my idea in the next paragraphs. First, people see others more emotionally rather than logically. Let me illustrate it with an example. When I was a first year Ob/Gyn resident in Iran, I had a stubborn senior. Unfortunately, I had to spend three rotations with her. She behaved very strictly with me, and also she acted very badly with our patients. As a result, her picture in mind was ugly and angry! sometimes I have nightmares of her and her worse peer. Eventually, I could not tolerate the situation, and I gave off the whole residency thing. Surprisingly, yesterday, I saw her picture on Instagram with her other peers, unbelievably, she was smiling, and she looked beautiful! I just realized that indeed our action alters how others looked us, particularly when our attitude makes a powerful emotion for them. Second, smiling makes people more beautiful. When we smile, our eyes are wider, and our skin is fresher. For instance, recently, as a medical practitioner, I have had numerous contacts with people, although I always had worn a mask, I could communicate with people, and signal to them my smiling, I heard a lot of positive comments about my appearance from them while they could just see half of my face. One of the most memorable ones was when I had a five-month aged patient, I talked to her, and she responded to my smile, while I was wearing two masks on my face. Therefore, I think our behavior even when people can not see us completely, can influence their judgment about our appearances. In summary, I believe that our attitude impacts strongly how we look to others, because it influences their emotions about us, and they judge beautifulness more with their emotions, and our action also impacts our emotions which directly impacts our facial expressions. As a final result, I suggest people behave more kindly to others, I promise it is more powerful than makeup, to show them more attractive.
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