Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Successfulpeople try new things and take risks rather than only doing what they know how to do well. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

That audacity play a crucial role in people success in life is an undeniable fact. Should persons realize the significance of being courageous in their life, they will ponder over it scrupulously. In this regard, it is considered that only risk takers are successful.There are various school of thought in which some of them would see eye to eye with this notion, while others take issue with it. In my book, it is judicious decision that people ought to walk sometimes out of the lane to have incredible results, and in the ensuing lines, I will elaborate on the most outstanding and cogent grounds. The first compelling reason corroborating my stance on this subject is that being courageous to address unknown subjects will engender a myriad of advantages for people. The main reason behind this rationale is that doing so forces them to learn numerous skills conpulsory for the life, such as resilience, confidence, good mindset and happiness. Therefore, it can plant seeds of hope and set the stage for trying different things and never underestimate oneself. My personal experience drives this concept home, I still bear in mind, when we were in the lockdown due to the COVID-19 disease. While persons are complaining about being locked home and they are bored, I choosed to start a new business. I got only one option: online business; but I did not know anything about couples days before. I started to read about how to create a website, to search for suppliers, to send goods to customers and so on... I was a succes, I built a three figures company through this and my side hustle during the lockdown drive to financial freedom. Had I not taked this risk to go over my fears and start this business, I would not have been able to prosper in my life. All in all, we cannot and should not overlook the fact that taking unexpected actions will give you astonished results and it can bode well for the future. On the other hand, always taking safe decision can result in unfavorable ramifications for people. This is owing to the fact that everybody is doing the samething as you and that cannot not be surprising you are going to get the same result as them. As a result, you will be in the average range of people and this will lead you to lose your self-confidence and not succeed in life. As a case of point, one of my soul mates was very good in soccer but he need to leave home to continue his studies in another region where he did not know anybody. In the school, he should attend, the academic and the physical preparation are double and the fail rate is higher there, because students do not succeed to cope with this level of stress. We all trust him for his talent and his inteligence. He could succeed there and become an international player. I denied to go and prefered to stay with his parents. Currently he is soccer manager et he regrets his decision. This example reveals my point that he has the potential and the opportunity to be a famous player but the fears of the unknown drives him to be a simple manager for kids. Long story short, it is clear as a day to me that only doing well known and safe decision will not pay off in a big way. To sum up, in light of the mentioned reasons, I am convinced that it is an artful decision for people to take more risks in their everyday life. Thereby, they can kill two birds with one stone, since not only do they reach the success and their goals but they also thrive their self-confidence more than their conterparts who only do what the master.
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