Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Societies around the world have various ideas on if always telling the truth is the right thing to do in any relationship. When this topic shows up as a controversial thing, some people might argue if it is proper or not. In my case, if I were to choose, I would absolutely agree that being honest is an important consideration. I feel this way from two main perspectives among a plethora of arguments in support of this particular assertion, which I will explore in the subsequent paragraphs. First and foremost, being sincere is the key to building up a healthy relationship with any partner. Everyone deserves to live in the real world not be surrounded by lies and excuses constructed by someone. Obviously, the further we are from imagination, the closer we are to overall success. On top of that, I have to confess that my opinion on this matter has been profoundly influenced by my personal experience. You see, I have met people who were in a relationship where they always used wrong explanations and were not honest with each other. Hence, their connection went pear-shaped. For this reason, I deem that telling the truth is always a rational way to deal with someone. Moreover, we can undoubtedly say that one falsehood sentence leads to another. Furthermore, one wrong action can lead to the loss of trust between two friends. We can look into another vivid life instance as a compelling example to explain this phenomenon. Drawing from my personal experience, I lost long-term friendships by accidentally being dishonest. Therefore, it is certainly clear to see the significance of being sincere. In conclusion, I ardently fortify and illustrate my stance to accentuate the fact that being truthful plays a major role in any correlation. With honesty, people do not worry about revealing their secrets and make pleasant connections.
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