Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order to be well-informed, a person must get information from many different news resources.

It is critical, that the crowd must perceive what is going on outside their walls. There are a number of resources where anyone can get knowledge which as; radio, TV, magazines, cell phones, and paper news. Firstly, I agree with people getting informed about everything, being a well-known person would mean that you are aware of all the announcement that is happening around you. Communities that are connected and reported every day will know when a catastrophe or something bad could happen somewhere in the world, nations that are watching the news each day will notice where exactly something bad should be happening. As an example, when my uncle was watching the forecast they said something about an awful rain with thunders and it would be risky for anyone to go out throughout the rainfall, thanks to that my uncle perceive that it was more secure in that house in the meantime, the rain could pass by. In my opinion, people ought to be aware not merely of the forecast but overall. Secondly, I think that it is better if the folk is more protected if they were just conscious about the situation that they are in, which could be if the news says something about a terrible rainfall, a bad winter, where is the best way to go home due to some people that were stolen in some street dress nearby, tomorrow would be better for me to go out of my house in be safe. As an illustration, when as was ten years old, the wind was rude and strong, and somehow I knew it could be worst in some hours, suddenly the TV news said something about a wild rain tomorrow morning that it would, probably like that, for a couple of days. I agree about getting aware of the spot that somebody is in and not only around you but out of the country. Finally, it could be a good idea and a fine way if everybody just looks at the state that the world is in and have some knowledge about out or in the country.
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