Summarise the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific theories discussed the reading passage.

In the given set of materials, the reading and the lecture are both dealing about people working as a team. While the author provides three possible theories to explain that team working can be the best way to approach to a new project, the lecturer disputes the claims made in text. In particular, his position is that group of people being responsible for planning a project and getting a reward might be failure. First of all, according to the passage, a group of people has a wide range of knowledge. They can express different and creative ideas. In addition, their brains all together are more agile than one person’s. Nevertheless, this specific argument is challenged by the lecturer. He declares that it takes many meetings for a bunch of people to meet an agreement, moreover he points out that team members may spend their time arguing about different things. Secondly, the article suggests that, participating in a group project can be rewarding for every member of the team. Therefore, no one will end up upset. The speaker, however, asserts some who work especially hard and contribute a lot more than others, will not get enough recognition. Finally, the writer posits that team’s work can have more far-reaching results than an individual. In contrast, the professor’s stance is that there are some influencers in the teams, who have major impact on others. Hence, if their opinion is wrong, it will lead to the whole group to crash. As you can see, the listening part casts doubts on the points mentioned in the reading by bringing up its compelling explanation and examples to elaborate its viewpoint.
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