Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should not make their social or political views known to students in the classroom.

In this day and age there's a huge spread of freedom of speech. Poeple are showing both their emotions and views to the public, although it is not necessary. Teachers belong to the group of people, that are expected to be not talking much during their job out of its borders, but it's not meant for the teachers in our times. They are comfortable with making their social and political views known to the students. On one hand discussing politics in the classroom can be considered a propaganda. On the other hand, when such topics are discussed with the mutual agreement, it can be beneficial. I believe that teachers should keep providing their social and political views in the classroom. I will provide my justifications in this essay. Things are easier to learn by participating in different discussions about concrete topic. During debates people both express their opinions and have other attitudes revealed by listening to the opinions of others. As a result, they do learn some new things. Moreover, they get an opportunity to analyse the new information they collected. My college experience is a compelling illustration of this. There are a lot of political and social debates organised in my college. I have participated in such discussions as well. Due to being a part of such interesting events, I was provided with an opportunity to not only improve and substantiate my political views but also boost my confidence level during speeches. Since this all was organised by my teachers, I'm really thankful for what they did. A good teacher is also a good friend, who creates the cosy atmosphere in the classrom. One of the best ways to make the students feel comfortable in a class is to talk to them and tell random stories which include political or social aspects. A story that has happened in my school demonstrates this concept well. We had a lot of teachers, but only few of them were able to be considered trustworthy. Obviously, professors belonging to the group of beloved lecturers were the most talkatives too. Thus, teachers who are open to share their political or social views in the classroom are getting a lot of trust and love from their students. To sum up the above mentioned reasons and examples, having discussions on political and social topics is beneficial both for the students and lecturers. Since the result of it can be new knowledge and mutual trust gained.
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