At university and college sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support Do you agree or disagree

It is critically important that students have to learn numerous skills from school. Personally, I believe that sports and social actions are as important as other activities like classes and libraries and also the principal issue is its financial support which is a significant point too. I feel this way for several reasons, which I explain in the following essay. To begin with, everybody should work in the future moreover society doesn’t Need just doctor or engineer, world need people who work in different majors in addition who is proficient in their work it can be every job or proficiency as a result existence of these kind of programs and learning other activates at school can be useful and fundamental in the creating of societies future. My personal experience of this is a compelling illustration of this. About 5 years ago when I was student in high school, our school established an extracurricular which consist of different sports, social activities and also training other acts without lessons, the majority of my classmates concentrated on those activates therefore currently most of them work in the same branch that they learned 5years ago, consequently these acts are as important as lessons and schools should consider this principle issue and also its financial part which is considerable too, we have to hint that, it can influence not only children’s life but also can impress the future of society. Furthermore, everybody in this world have talent in distinct majors such as sports or different branches of art so if we comprehend our talent and continue that major we will definitely become successful in our job. Eventually academies should care about these activities, pay money for them and they have to refrain of just emphasize on school books. For instance, a few years ago when my brother was student, their school had planned a program in which they have to choose their favorite sport and my brother had chosen basketball because it’s the sport that my brother interested in it also he stays in this profession and he is playing in national team right now. We have to keep it in our mind that he has that talent because of that he is successful in his work moreover we have not to disremember the principal task of the school that they have participated in my brothers succeed. In conclusion, I believe that colleges and universities should accept that sport and social activities are essential therefore the head of the colleges have to support financially this is because the society need different types of occupation and it can influence students future.
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