Do you agree of disagree with the following statements? which you would prefer to travel outside or within country. Use specific reasons and examples in your answer.

I disagree with the statement that people can deal with problems on their own with no help from the government. Conflict can rise when individuals struggle to resolve the problems themselves, and it is a high chance people don’t have the needed knowledge to solve the problem. First, when equal individuals try to resolve a problem, they might create conflict because of different thoughts. But, when the government helps, they are more likely to agree to a professional conclusion in peace. For instance, when a family was trying to settle the problem of rising prices, they couldn’t possibly cover up the lack of money themselves, and different ideas hit one another as the people in the family argued. When they followed the government’s advice in pulling the risen prices down, the family could afford the costs. Second, it is a high probability that people don’t have the gained knowledge to solve a precise problem. There are chances where a range of unique problems will arise, and most people rarely know how to solve every complicated problem. Still, the government abounds in well-educated people, so they can use their knowledge to help individuals. For example, many people directly took part in bitcoin without perfect knowledge of it. This then resulted in poverty and regret and people did not know how to come back to the peaceful days. Though, as the government shared its knowledge and explained more on how bitcoin works, people understood that there can be dramatic results from investing in bitcoin and used the government’s studied ideas chosen before investing. In conclusion, conflicts will arise when different people try to solve problems on their own, and a high probability that people don’t have the needed knowledge of solving problems. I believe governments help is necessary when people must deal with their personal problems.
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