Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “When people succeed, it is entirely because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with their success.” Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

First and foremost every human is an autonomous individual escorted by his or her consciousness and has an antithetical perspective of perception cognate to discrete situations and circumstances. Consequently, each particular person would have utterly distinctive beliefs and resolutions associated with this topic of discussion and dispensed among the society we live within. Nevertheless, traditionally they all fiercely debate whose assertion is closest to the center of truth and do not even try to accept and appreciate each other's opinions. On the contrary, Frankly speaking, I consider that everyone's school of thought toward the issue should be esteemed and tolerated, that's the sole feasible way to a liberal and democratic society. First, success is something that more laborious it is more leisurely than it comes. Success is not a thing you can acquire with only small effort and based on pure luck, you should comprehend the complexity of success, hence it's something you achieve solely yourself. For instance, my mother owns a private school and I have constantly been watching her struggling with all the obstacles and how my dad assisted her. Conversely, I must honestly admit that luck had nothing to do with all this, she accomplished all of this by herself. Secondly, success conventionally is a result of careful planning, intelligence, mathematical calculations, etc. Therefore, as I already mentioned achieving success and specifically something great can not be done without hard work. For example, we already know that most businessmen and successful individuals used to have not sufficient conditions to access proper education, and they all had to endure it by themselves, during all the sleepless nights and inadequate circumstances to develop either personal or social skills. To summarize, In my firm belief, success could be achieved by everyone as long as they attempt hard enough, and I felt this way for two primary reasons, as I already declared beforehand with solidified arguments in conjunction with relevant examples.
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