Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, s^ports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I believe that when it is bout departments and educational institution, the social activities should be reflected as same as the classes and libraries. The important matter when it's about activities out or in the college, I think they could have the good financial backing as classes and library. The investment spent on the respective classes at academy and the money on their out-of-school actions, in the eyes of society should be as alike as within the academy. as an example, when I was fourteen years old, I was getting restless seeing the wealth of my college that should be used as activities out of campus getting spent only by the library section in the faculty. The equality of allowance and money that the university has should be the same for every part of college. When the currency is not used for the activities of campus and activities of universities there could be no equality and not the same financial backing. as an illustration, when my bother was in his institution as a teenager, the refund and the respective support of the seminary were just only to classes and not the campus activities the college went into a struggle when the students refused to do the activities due to the money that was not enough for them to spend it in backing for the same activities. It's good to always be equal among the entire educational institution. In conclusion, the money, currency, financial or backing in the hall, institution,or academy should be the same as for each section of the college, the allowance has to the be same for all the departments of the school not only for the academy but for the students.
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