Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When doing research, it is better to use printed materials such as books and articles than it is to use the Internet. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

One of the important developments in the field of learning is carrying out research and applying it relevantly to the area. Evidently, using right resources play vital part in the success of research. Some have great preference in using printed materials than the internet. Personally, I disagree with use of books, journal, articles to the web-based resources. I state this fact with two important reasons. First, use of internet is much cheaper in contrast to the printed materials. Researchers do not have to spend exorbitant amount of money buying books and printing the research materials. Additionally, it takes just a few amounts of mobile data package to get information from the internet. Furthermore, printing machines need timely maintenance, and enough papers must be purchased. It is explicitly illustrated by my personal experience. In my college days, I did two projects in science. Due to lack of server facilities, I had to rely on the books, articles, and journals to complete my research project. I had to buy some books from the bookshops as the materials in the library were not very relevant. This made me spend excessive sum of money. Recently, I did similar kind of research by incorporating the information from the online sources. Comparatively, it was much cheaper to the one done earlier using stuffs from the cyber. Second, internet allow us to finish our research in a short duration. Investigators do not have to waste their time finding the appropriate materials as the information we seek in available in a click of a button. Additionally, research workers do not have use precious time visiting library frequently and going from place to place in search of references for the write-up. For an instance, last year I did assignment by using only the printed materials and books from the library. It took me 15 days to accomplish the job. My friend finished the same tasks within 6 days. If I were given the freedom to use websites, I would have completed my task before the due date. In conclusion, I would like to express that the use of internet is advantageous as opposed to print ups. This is because, applying internet resources in research saves money and time.
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