Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Essentially, every human is an autonomous individual escorted by his or her consciousness and has an antithetical perspective of perception cognate to discrete situations and circumstances. Nevertheless Nevertheless , traditionally they all fiercely debate whose assertion is closest to the center of truth and do not even try to esteem and tolerate each other's opinions. Primarily, the universities and colleges are the places, where students should have full access to all kinds of things they are fascinated with and already mentioned institutions should support their personal and educational development. Would It be sports and social activities or classes and libraries, educational academies should uphold these former and latter Indiscriminately. First First and foremost, supporting the sports activities and allowing them to gain equal financial aid as the classes and libraries will cause a modification in the institution's degree and make it more outstanding in all kinds of profiles. Consequently, it will arise great interest in all kinds of students and will be beneficial for the establishments, globalization, and essentially for broadening the horizons of the student's perspectives allowing him or her to get much free choice associated with the potential profession. For instance, the television did a survey and asked the college students which type of university they would tend to choose, a one profile university or a multi-profile one, and the respondents 80 percent preferred the multi-profile one, hence it permitted them to gain the interrelations with various types of people and offered them much latitude in their career paths. Moreover, physical activities contribute a major role in terms of human health. Physical activities give people energy and stimulation. Thus people do routine things sufficiently and positively. In addition, physical exercise and commonly sports assist you to burn calories and reduce the risk of cancer. A great specimen would be the late research about physical activities such as gym and sports, which normalize the secretion of the hormone in the human body and helps you to accumulate dopamine. To summarize, I already made my point clear with the solidified arguments, in conjunction with relevant examples corresponding with this topic of discussion. In my firm belief, it would be worthwhile for every member of the society if the educational institutions give physical and brain activities equal treatment. Subsequently, all of the things mentioned above will play a significant role, fundamentally because, equality is the sole feasible way to a democratic and liberal society.
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